Somatic Resonance

finding resonance and intuition in the body

To tend to a forest, you need all your senses; to smell the air, feel the soil, hear the critters; to track the growth of the underbrush, the quality of light through the canopy. Nothing masterful happens without keen perception.The same applies to inner work: before you nurture and cultivate, your perception has to be sensitively attuned—and if you've lived through modern schools, workplaces, and interactions, you've likely had to numb whole realms of perception just to get by.This workshop is a place to rediscover, recover, and reintegrate your birthright: clear, potent perception of the world you glide through.


We're used to thinking in terms of 5 senses, and maybe a couple "extras" like balance and proprioception. This habit needs to be exploded and expanded, to include more and more of what is available to our perception: things like the felt sense, relational senses, emotional energies, and a dozen others. These are all streams that feed into the unified sea of our perceptual field, and we need to notice and include these streams, bit by bit, in widening spirals


Once we've noticed more of these perception-streams, we need to play around with what we find there. Only through playing, conversing, and engaging with these new perceptions can we seek resonance in them. Only through active participation and inquiry can we nurture the right seeds, and uproot the corrupting weeds.


After opening our senses and engaging with what we find, we can allow some of what we perceive to take the lead. This is especially important when we perceive images, impressions, personalities, and drives. Learning how and when to let these take the lead can open up new vistas, new areas, new senses—and when there there are new senses, we can spiral back to the first step, Noticing.


Dates: Sept 9, 12, 16, 19, 23 (Mon & Fri)1
Times: 5pm CEST (11am EST, 8am PST)
Sessions: 5 meetings; 2/week for 3 weeks
Price: $250
Preparation: As soon as you're sure you want to participate, start keeping a journal, and start in with a daily somatic awareness practice. Contact me directly for targeted suggestions.

1 dates and times are usually set after checking with potential attendees; always feel free to contact me and register, so your schedule can be taken into consideration
2 some financial aid is available, contact me if you're interested and we can work it out

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Each workshop is limited to 6 people maximum—if you're on board with the content and pricing, sign up either below or by contacting me on twitter. Times & dates will be arranged group by group.

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