Somatic Resonance

Finding resonance, wisdom, and intuition in the body

"The highest truth grows from the deepest roots of the body"
- Carl Jung
In silence,/ we hear body become spirit.
- Rumi
“Emotion is inseparable from the body in which it is felt, and emotion is also the basis for our engagement with the world.”
- Iain McGilchrist

Quiet the Inner Critic

I spent the first 24 years of my life with an endless loop of cramped self-critical thoughts. I was stuck in my head, I could hardly sleep, and the world felt hopeless.Nothing made a dent until I discovered somatic meditation. Within a few months, the lifelong monologue in my head had softened, on its way to dissolving almost entirely.If there's one benefit of somatic resonance I hope I can share with people who are suffering like I was suffering, it's the undoing of the inner critic.

Feel Meaning & Purpose

Bookstores are full of books about "How to find your purpose," and the internet is full of dialogues about "The Meaning Crisis." Clearly, people are feeling adrift, disconnected from meaning.What myself and other somatic practitioners have found, again and again, is that fretting over meaning and purpose is usually a sign that you've disconnected from something in your direct experience.When we're aware of and resonating with the body, meaning flows freely. Purpose is in the atmosphere. There's no more reason to worry about finding it than there is to worry about finding air as you walk through the forest.Connect with your body; resonate with your soma. Meaning is right where you left it.

Get Grounded

The world we live in can be supremely destabilizing. Many of us spend our days destabilized, dissociated, off-balance, stuck in our heads, or just plain checked out.Living like this can make us feel distant from our lives, from the people around us. It can feel like there's a pane of glass between me and what's happening around me; like I'm an observer, not a participant, in my own life.The moment we start meditating in the body and cultivating somatic resonance, that distance starts to dissolve. You begin to be actually present in your relationships again. Your life feels malleable, like you can participate in it, rather than just watching it. The body grounds us into what matters most.


The online course is not only self-paced, but can also be approached fully self-guided.I've created a number of suggested "trails" you can follow through the practices, explanations, and guidance, but you're also free to simply go to the "forest of pages" and wander on your own, as you see fit.There is no one-path-fits-all approach to finding somatic resonance. This course respects that truth, while also offering numerous suggested paths to guide you through this journey.If you prefer to do courses like this with a cohort, I do run groups occasionally. If you buy the course at any time, you can always request to join a cohort next time I run one.


The way river architected this course is pretty freaking rad. I've been playing around in the alpha version, and it's closest thing i've seen to those old "choose your own adventure" books. Except it's in notion, and about somatic exploration lol

- Rob Hardy (@ungatedcreative)

As someone on an unfolding journey w my relationship to my body & getting out of dissociative states, I appreciate how this doesn't feel like a 'course' but gives a set of tools to try & play with without expectation...
As someone who can lean alll the way towards a systematic mind / McGilchrist L-Brain when stressed, I can feel the counterbalance growing thanks to sitting with these practices.

- Luke Butler (@lukebutler)

top 2 [online courses] i plan to play with for many years
- expanding awareness by @m_ashcroft
- somatic resonance by @the_wilderless
love how each creator continues updating them

- Sam Sager (@sc_sager)

My first reaction is that I really like that choice of trail, being able to choose gives me a sense of autonomy that I hadn't even realized was missing from ~all the other courses that I took that just had you going through things in a linear order.

- Kaj Sotala (@xuenay)

For anyone looking for bringing more calm into their body, not by trying to quieten their mind, but by finding new ways to listen to their body - I’d recommend looking into @the_wilderless new course: Somatic Resonance

- Zoe Palmer (@Palmerish)

One day I was sitting and doing some variant of the Whole-Soma Good Morning exercise, and felt an incredibly large, warm, comforting presence. In the confident, caring voice, it said "You're late", but was clearly so happy I arrived.
This still moves me to tears thinking about it.
Thanks for sharing your words with the world.

- John O.

Starting to get just a hint of how deep of waters somatic meditation leads you to.
The [Somatic Meditation] page is all you need - been returning to it often the past few weeks.

- @MyceliumMage

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